Discover the SOH Difference - A Bespoke, Immersive Wellness Experience in Auckland, NZ



Our Values

SOH is a boutique health and wellness centre that takes ancient Pasifika holistic wisdom and reimagines it for today's busy tagata (person). By connecting all elements of your well-being under one taualuga (roof) we curate a personal immersion of fitness and wellness experiences that inspires you to a whole-person State of Health.

At SOH we believe "e sui faiga ae tumau fa'avae"—that while practices may change, the foundations remain. We are grounded in our purpose of bringing the health and well-being knowledge of our Pasifika ancestors into the present.

Community and connection are core to the SOH philosophy. We connect our individual members together into one collective community. A community where you are supported and surrounded by like-minded people who share the same values, ambition and drive to create a better self.

We are each other's workout and workmate; fitness and friend groups accountability and future business partners.


Our Practices


To achieve a whole-person State of Health, we look towards the three individual components that make up our collective and connected self, as outlined in the "Tafatolu Framework". This framework is core to the SOH way of thinking:

  • Le Va (Relational Wellbeing)
  • Le Tino (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Le Agaga (Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing)

These components are equally important and interconnected—even financial well-being. We know that creating a self-determined life requires financial freedom and we are unapologetic about supporting you in this pursuit.

We carefully consider the program design and structure of our sessions to ensure they meet you where you are. Prescribed program design allows our coaches the space they need to focus on engaging, encouraging, and educating you through attentive and inclusive guidance and form correction.