About SOH - A Bespoke, Immersive Wellness Experience in Auckland, New Zealand


E tua le fale tele i le faleo’o — Even the mighty need others.

Journey to SOH


Afio mai — Welcome to SOH

Dan Amosa, the founder of SOH, is a business envisioner and a challenger of the status quo. Born to Samoan and Tuvaluan parents, Dan is an individual committed to becoming someone who knows their success only comes from working in the community with others and rising together. This is what it means for Dan to grow up Pasifika. It's being raised to know the importance of being connected in the community and your whole self.

After forging a 10-year career in fitness, time and again Dan came across people fractured despite their pursuit of health and wellness. People focused on their physical self at the detriment of other fundamental, connected elements: spiritual, emotional, mental and financial well-being. Busy, ambitious people attempting to create a holistic programme by piecing together elements of wellbeing for themselves from various providers. At its heart, Dan saw disconnection and isolation—the polar opposite of what well-being requires.

SOH is Dan's solution and his contribution to this community.

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What is SOH?
Why was SOH created?
Who is SOH created for?
Why is community and connection considered important at SOH?
Why is financial well-being also considered important?
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